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Twerk Werks Dance Class + Events

At Twerk Werks we provide an affordable, fun, and classy way to get fit. Twerking has become one of the most popular dances all around the world.

learn how to pop, clap your booty, wine your hips and look sexy at the same time. When you join our courses you learn Twerk Technique first, and once you are confident with basic technique & steps we start teaching you different moves. We also provide private studio parties, for Bachelorette or Birthday events. Our instructor is also available for hosting and Booking's in different states.

Join us and learn what the definition of rhythm truly is. You are guaranteed to sweat off pounds and inches.

Twerk Werks courses are suitable for ladies of all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness levels and dance abilities. Our classes incorporate; dance, twerking, routine work, interval and strength training and stretching into an energetic and enjoyable lesson.

The classes are designed to teach body movement, flow, muscle control, all the while increasing muscle strength and improving dance ability and general fitness. Twerk Werks is structured to work the entire body, with different tracks targeting different body parts, however there is little more focus on toning and developing your booty and legs. The classes are suitable for everyone and we provide movement options for people whom may be less or more advanced.

Most importantly, Twerk Werks classes are held in a non-judgmental, friendly and fun environment and encourage female confidence and empowerment. 

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